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Sedentary Lifestyle Can Kill

Why Sit when you have the option of Moving????

My Personal Fitness Program

I was ignorant of the importance and how 84% of my behavior dictated my current illnesses that I suffer with as a 63 year young female. I never realized the damage of a sedentary lifestyle until I was diagnosed with sciatica a few years ago.

Sitting for long periods while doing homework and before that, I had jobs in the past that I sat for hours on the phone. Somewhat ironic that I worked for a hospital, and their mission statement stated "preventative care" as part of their selling point. Unfortunately, there were no programs in place to ensure that the staff was trained in preventive care to prevent lower back issues. Not to mention the additional illnesses that plague a person from sitting too long. The majority of people that I worked with are probably suffering from similar problems to this day.

In the United States, physical inactivity is the second most significant threat to public health and is often referred to in new concerns about "Sitting Disease" and "Sedentary Death Syndrome" or SeDs, (Hoeger, Hoeger, Hoeger, & Fawson, 2017, p. 3).

In the past, I danced as a form of exercise. However, I stopped and never joined a gym or fitness center. The factors that have kept me from exercising in the past, "I'm too busy," "I don't enjoy working out," and "I'm in shape already." To the contrary, it is not about being shapely. However, it is about being in shape.

I met with my medical doctor , and I am scheduled to start a weight management program through my doctor's office to gain a jump start. Furthermore, I realize a critical component is that God created our bodies to be mobile as we serve Him in the kingdom.

You must start an exercise regiment as soon as possible. It's too late on your death bed to start the conversation, what I should have done, it's too late at that time. You can do this!!!

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