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Coaching Style Preference

The Graph of Life is by far one of my favorite life coaching models. I realize when a coachee comes to you, oftentimes, their goals are not quite defined. Other times they may come to you with very specific goals to achieve. I have learned in coaching some coachees think they know specifically what their goals are, only to find out when using the Graph of Life there are additional areas of life they are very interested in making changes. “Another useful tool is the Graph of Life (appendix A), mentioned in chapter 3. This is a variation of the wheel of Life that often appears in coaching books. Both are designed to give the coach and the persons being coached an awareness of where they are at present as well as where they want to be” (Collins, 2009, p. 133). With that being said is the main reason I prefer using this model, because it provides a wide angle up front. It shows the different categories of life and allows the coachee to set a numeric value to each category where they currently see themselves in that particular area of life. Not only does it allow the coachee to assign a numeric value to their current situation, they are able to then place a number on where they would like to see themselves in the future. The comparative values grant the coachee the ability to clearly define the difference between where they are and where they want to be in each area of life. The farther the numbers are from one another, the more work is involved in the process. This model permits the coacheeto set clearly defined goals in all categories and not miss some critical parts of their life they were not initially thinking about. I have had success in this model with the coachees I have had the privilege of serving.


Collins, G. R. (2009). Christian coaching: Helping others turn potential into reality (2nd ed.). Colorado Springs, CO: NAVPRESS.

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