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Self Care

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

What are you doing to make sure your well being is a priority?

Most of us do not take the necessary time or steps to develop habits that stimulate Self Care. We take care of everyone else, but neglect ourselves too often.


Steps to Self Care

Do you take time to smell the roses, read a good book, meditate, take a long walk or a bath? What have you done for yourself lately?

If we don't take care of ourselves, we will not be healthy or able to help those who are near and dear to us. Most adults are providing care for a loved one or friend, whether it is our parents, children or grandchildren in some form or fashion. As we all continue to age, it seems there are more people dependent on us.

Forms of providing care

A lot of people think of providing care strictly in the medical sense. Family and friends can contribute to added stress in our lives by mental, physical and financial demands. Not all stress is bad, but too much is just too much.

Mental stress for most people has a tendency to linger. There are times when our subconscious seems to work overtime and we don't always know how to shut it down. Mental stress can lead to physical health problems if we don't get a handle on it. Find healthy ways to distress.

Physical stress comes in many forms as well. It may come from physically assisting loved ones in a medical situation or not taking care of our bodies. We don't always exercise and eat right. There are times when verbal abuse takes a physical toll on us as well. We must take the time to treat ourselves as good as we treat those we love, if not better.

Financial demands can appear to get greater as we age. It wasn't always that way, but life and job security isn't what it use to be. In addition, adult children also have a tendency to lean on us more in this day and age. We have to learn to set boundaries and stick with them. Set budgets and financial goals, it's never too late. You would be amazed at how far your finances will go with a little will power. Start with not living above your means, take control today.

We have all the power when it comes to Self Care.

We can't control what others do, but we do have full control of how we respond to life's circumstances. Reacting strictly on an emotional level is not healthy for anyone.
Learn some strategies for self control. Pick up a good book on the subject, look up ways to distress and take control on the internet, or take a class. We are without excuse, do whatever you need to do to perform Self Care.
Life is not always easy but choosing a healthy life makes all the difference in the world. (#selfcare #livehealthy)
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